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Environmental Offsets

Preparation of vegetation offset management plans
Offset management plans can be prepared to document the on-ground management works required to meet offset targets mandated by project approvals, presented to a standard accepted by state and/or Commonwealth governments.
Preparation of targeted species management plans
The State and/or Commonwealth government may request that a conservation management plan be prepared for a listed species that occurs on or near a development. BL&A can prepare these plans in consultation with the land manager to a standard accepted by state and/or Commonwealth governments.
Sourcing suitable offsets

Offset sites can be sourced from a number of places including DELWP’s BushBroker Scheme, registered private bush brokers and private landowners.

BL&A can assist by preparing the relevant paperwork, providing advice, discussing offset options and opportunities and assisting landowners in establishing offsets on their land.

Commonwealth offset guide
Calculation of area required to offset the removal of a Commonwealth listed species using the Commonwealth Offset Guide.