Ecological Research
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Ecological Research & Management

Ecological Site Management

Preparation and implementation of management plans required as part of development consent conditions.
  • Flora and fauna components of construction and operational environmental management plans
  • Pest plant and animal management plans
  • Bat and avifauna management plans for wind farms
  • Native vegetation management plans
  • Offset management plans
Preparation and implementation of salvage and translocation plans to minimise impacts on key species, as required by development consent conditions and in accordance with current best practice.
  • Spiny Rice-flower Salvage and Translocation Plans
  • Matted Flax-lily Salvage and Translocation Plans
  • Striped Legless Lizard Salvage and Translocation Plans
Implementation of offset management plans and conservation management plans, including:
  • Targeted weed and pest animal control
  • Revegetation
  • Enhancement of existing vegetation and habitats
  • Appropriate fencing to protect ecological values
  • Ecological thinning of weed-like indigenous plants
  • Sensitive siting and design of infrastructure.
Regular reporting of plan progress for auditors and regulators.