Ecological Research
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Ecological Research & Management


Preparation of assessment reports
BL&A can prepare the flora and fauna components of Commonwealth and state environmental assessment documents (e.g. Preliminary Documentation, Public Environment Report or Environmental Impact Statement (Commonwealth) and/or Environmental Effects Statement (Victoria).
Preparation of EPBC Act Referrals
Projects that have the potential to impact on EPBC Act listed matters may need to be referred under the Act (Commonwealth). BL&A can prepare the relevant sections of the referrals and submit the referral to the Commonwealth government.
Preparation of Victorian Environment Effects Act Referrals
Projects that may need a decision from the Victorian Planning Minister on whether an Environment Effects Statement is required will need to be referred under the Act. BL&A can provide the flora and fauna input to that referral.
Expert witness services
We provide an expert witness service for the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), Planning or Advisory Panels or Committees and the Courts. This includes the preparation of expert witness statements and ecological advice and support throughout a case.
As part of the EPBC Act process, we can advertise projects for the statutory timeframe on our website. BL&A can also respond to any queries regarding the advertised projects, if required.